Online Registration

Complete the registration form by providing required information as indicated and click on Create an Account to register. Once you create an account or register with AHMAN PATEGI UNIVERSITY , you will be automatically logged in. The system will automatically send SMS and email notification to your phone number and email to communicate your application details and login credentials. Your username is the email address you entered at the point of registration and your surname (last name) is your password. When you have completed the registration, a unique application number would be assigned to you. The application number should be used as the username while the applicant’s surname (last name) is maintained as the password which can be changed to a stronger one later by you.


All payments are made with ATM card, Internet Banking.
  1. AHMAN PATEGI UNIVERSITY is not responsible for any wrong payments
  2. Ensure you read instructions very well before proceeding to payment.

For further enquiry, contact

Required Documents

Keep ready with you the following details / documents / Information, before starting to fill up the on-line application
  1. Valid and active Email ID
  2. Personal details
  3. Educational qualification details
  4. Image of scanned photograph in jpg / jpeg format and size should not exceed 50 KB
  5. Image of scanned signature in jpg / jpeg format and size should not exceed 50 KB
  6. Image of scanned certificates in jpg/jpeg, pdf format and size should not exceed 50 kB
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